SVS Artist Interview with Viktor Nassli - Nasvikdraws

  • Just another "I love the interviews!" comment! What a cool idea and I am really enjoying these.

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    @kathrynadebayo reading this was very fun. I now know a little bit more about @nasvikdraws. Thank you Kathryn.

  • @nasvikdraws I keep picturing you working at the cooktop or in the bathroom, and it's helped me put my ample workspace(s) into perspective. Thanks again for taking the time for these questions. πŸ™‚

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    I loved all the Adventures of dad-dad comics. And the idea to do interviews is awesome, it’s a chance to get to know other forum members in a way we wouldn’t otherwise. Thank you!

  • @kathrynadebayo Lol. Not good on the long run as my back hurts crazy. πŸ˜ƒ Thank you again for the opportunity. Looking forward to the next interview... πŸ™‚

  • @nasvikdraws Working from 10pm - 3am on the cooktop or the bathroom floor! The tenacity is inspirational. Also, I really love the other pieces you did, it's cool to see that you can work in other styles.
    @KathrynAdebayo Thank you for doing these! It's so super helpful to hear about other people's stories.

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    And working under the table under the table cloth. That’s really inspirational. Crazy, but inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story and your work with all of us!

  • @Sarah-LuAnn Happy that you loved the comics.
    @robgale Thanks for the kind words. I needed to take a break and catch up with sleeping. When I finished the Inktober drawings I realized how tired I am. But that is the thing. If you are passionate about a goal you don't really realize the lack of sleep because the endorphin in your body fuels you.
    @Whitney-Simms Thank you. It was more adventurous than painful. I might draw an illustration of it. πŸ™‚

  • @kathrynadebayo said in SVS Artist Interview with Viktor Nassli - Nasvikdraws:

    Then I went to architecture school because in Hungary the choices were very limited.

    Haha, so true. Same here, although i really wanted to become an architect at 18 i think. (i'm also an architect, from Romania)

    How do you manage to juggle working in architecture with doing illustration commisions? Also do you ever feel sort of like our architect drawing style stiffles us in approaching other art styles?

    Do you plan to continue with architecture?

    I'm a little bit disenchanted with the profession and would ideally love to just focus on children's illustration however i am also moving to london and will probably have to work in architecture to make enough money..

  • @irina
    Hahaha. Hello, Neighbor! I am happy to find another soul lost in architecture πŸ™‚

    Architecture is my day job and at the moment I am not getting paid for my illustrations. I gave myself one year from now (due to other matters) to practice illustration. Then I would like to gradually transition from architecture. I was never passionate about architecture. It is as good as it gets. It helped me to get where I am but I feel that time to move on. πŸ™‚

    As per your question I assume that you are also suffering from the schizophrenic duality of the rigid modularity of architecture and the lyrical fluency of illustration. I couldn't yet loosen myself from architecture so I try to build it into my style. Whenever I try a more organic, loose style I get anxious and would like to finesse until it gets rigid πŸ™‚

    However, I think architecture really helps with an artistic thinking, composition, design which can be adapted to illustration. For example, there is a Hungarian animation director who started as an architect and became very successful with a very distinctive art in animation. Marcell Jankovics. His work might have seeped through to Romania. πŸ™‚

    So I understand you being disenchanted with architecture. If you don't like it try to give a little time for yourself in London and see if you find something closer to illustration and think about architecture as an option B. The thing about architecture as a profession is that it selfishly wants to be your #1 and doesn't really let you work on other things on the side.
    Keep me posted about your transition to London. Good luck. I am interested in how it turns out. If I can help let me know as I guess we have a couple things in common. Lol.

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