Lucid Dreaming

  • Just wondered. Does anyone else here practice Lucid Dreaming?

    Like Art, it's a skill you can teach yourself so anyone can do it. I'm still in the early phases, but it seems like it has huge potential.

    Lucid Dreaming is where you can become aware that you're dreaming, and so start being able to manifest things and manipulate the dream world. It's surreal, because you feel awake, yet you're inside of a dream world 🙂 Creatively … I think this has so much potential.

    I have the goal of going into a dream and meeting my character lilSOPHIE, so I can talk to her, really get to know her, create story ideas together and have her pose for me so I can than wake up and sketch her.

    In a Lucid Dream, some authors have been able to talk with their created characters and have them guide the direction of the story they're writing. By the sounds of it, Inside of a dream, your characters basically before their own entity!

    I started Lucid Dreaming in about March 2018, and after about 8 days of trying to meet lilSOPHIE, I was able to become aware and hold onto her lil hands. It was such a beautiful and powerful experience, that it not only woke me up, but it woke me up crying.

    I've been reading Lucid Dream books and realised it can be used for healing, so have been more focused on trying to heal from past events at the moment, but I think if you focused on the intent of meeting one of your characters, you could go on some crazy adventures together and than bring it into reality when you wake up.

    Some Artists actually do manifest and practice painting in their Lucid Dreams, and then when they wake up, can recreate them with relative ease.

    Just wondered if anyone else has experience with Lucid Dreaming? I'd be fascinated to hear peoples stories, or ideas for what they would like to do 🙂

  • @sophie-lawson I have always been intrigued by lucid dreaming and have researched it a bit. I have had a few successes but not consistently--but that is mostly because I need a disciplined practice and that is not my strong suit! I never thought about making art in lucid dreams or meeting characters that I've created. What a cool idea!!

  • @eli There is a YouTube video where this lady talks about it with Dr Keith Hearne … I'll plop it in here for you Eli, it's fascinating - Lucid Dreaming and Creativity


  • I'm almost always aware that I'm dreaming, but i still abide by the rules of the dream, it doesn't make me want to change and twist things. I'm going through the dream as if I'm running through a script and being the actor and the spectator at the same time.
    There was a time when in my dreams I was thinking 'oh this is a good idea, I want to remember this, when I wake up' and I kinda went around in the dream, wanting to take notes, but that obviously never ended up happening 😃

    I very-very rarely have nightmares and even in those I only break the 'script' when something horrible would happen to someone I care about and my 'character' could do something to alter that. Then I would rewind the dream till a point where there was a possibility to change things and act differently at that specific point.

    I have never learned about lucid dreaming though...

  • @feleri You have good discipline. Whenever I realize I'm dreaming, the first thing I do is go flying! 😂 Although I don't find changing the script is all that easy--for me, it takes effort. I'm thinking maybe it gets easier with practice.

  • @Eli Hahaha, well I don't know if that's discipline or not. For me that's the normal thing... Sure, I'm dreaming, my postion keeps switching from character to spectator and such depending on the story, so it is just normal for me that I don't go around doing all sorts of things. I go with the way of things.
    I don't feel almighty and powerful, I'm just aware, that I am dreaming. 😃

  • @sophie-lawson Thanks, Sophie! I will check it out :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes:

  • @feleri Feleri, do you choose not to start manipulating the dream?

  • @sophie-lawson
    I'm not quite sure...
    It doesn't really occur to me in my dream that I should.
    I remember a few occasions when I was a teen and I haven't had flying dreams for quite some time and it came up when I was dreaming that I should just go ahead and fly since I'm dreaming.. I did it, but it was not the natural thing to do, so it was a struggle. I could do it, but it was nowhere near the flying experience of the dreams that were set out to be like that. Apart from that instance I don't remember that sort of a choice...
    Even the rewind only happened a few times... but there's one more thing I would do on the rare occasion that I'd want to escape a dream. I might jump off from places... being aware, that since I'm dreaming I wouldn't die, but wake up instead. And I like the falling sensation in dreams anyway....
    (Fingers crossed, that I never encounter a scary situation in my life when I also believe I'm dreaming :DD )

  • @feleri your dream life sounds so cool Feleri.

    Before you go to bed, you should keep repeating, tonight I'm going to do ???, whatever it is you want to do, than I bet you'll remember to do it when you enter this sort of semi lucid state 🙂

    I wonder why some people naturally seem to get lucid in their dreams. I find it all really fascinating 🙂 You saying about hoping you don't encounter a scary situation in life and think you're dreaming...the other week I had like 5 false awakenings in a row, and I swear, by the end of that, I didn't know if I was asleep or awake anymore lol


  • @sophie-lawson Wow, inception tiiime! 😃 That does sound confusing.
    Well to be honest I really enjoy dreaming as I do now, so I think I might pass on the conscious attempt on changing things in there. I have to monitor and control so many things while I'm awake and going about in my life, I'm totally fine with not having to be all-powerful while dreaming too, haha 😃

    So how does your quest to meet your character go so far? 🙂

  • @feleri lol 🙂

    I haven't got very far with meeting my character so far Feleri, because I've been trying to heal, but you know what, healing is proving so hard … maybe I'll try and have some fun with my character tonight instead, might work 🙂

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