I know one of the BYU vs Miami players!

  • SVS OG

    Hey @Will-Terry , I know one of the BYU players from the game you mentioned in your YouTube video. At church Sunday I went up to Bro Tui, Pete Tuipulotu, and asked if he played in the BYU Miami game. He lit up and said “yeah.” I then clarified that there is only one game that it could be referring to, right. (We are from the south i don’t keep up with BYU football, although my husband knew the game immediately). He confirmed. He said that the quarter back won the hiseman (I don’t know how to spell that) trophy because of that game.

    Anyways, I shared the video with his wife. Pretty cool, right! The Tui’s are the best family ever. Sis Tui played basketball for the Y. Their family is the coolest family ever! Hank is red shirted this year for the Y. Ben is on his mission in Chile and has already signed for the Y. Sami, their only daughter, is in Provo at the MTC. She’s going to Tonga! Awesome right! She will play lacrosse for the Y. And Pete is still at home playing high school football. So, they have the height from there mom. They are super human athletes, but seriously the coolest family! Anyways, small world.

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