Nov. 3rd | Planning Poe

  • Nov. 3rd | Planning Poe

    [Edit: I'm not sure how to post in the 3rd Thursday thread, so if someone wants to verify that, it would be cool.]

    I'm new to participating in 3rd Thursday's! I wanted to post a sketch from the planning phase of my Poe cover. I'm open to all comments and critique's as I plan to take full advantage of this forum!

    • This is mostly just a foreground planning sketch. I'm still playing with exactly what I want to do with the background. I'm seeing it as a mixture of imagery and script. Suggestions / techniques welcome! I'm aiming for a dreamlike quality to the background.

    • I plan on overall colours being black, gold, and brown tones.

    • I noticed that I completely forgot an inkwell. I may add other items to the desk but for now I want to get my main stuff in before I go adding the extras.

    • I work in traditional mediums, mostly an acrylic / coloured pencil combo.


  • SVS OG

    @AWall Cool initial sketch you got going there! That candle could provide a source of some pretty dramatic lighting. Since you're still in the early stages, I'd try to size the items you plan to have in the background in varying sizes and see what catches your attention.

  • This is lovely. I actually love it as a sketch. I wonder what it'd look like as looking like scratchy ink just on some aged paper


  • The even better thing is that this is dark and scary and full of Poe and by coincidence, this is topic number 666 haha.


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