Half Elf and Half Human D and D project WIP

  • SVS OG

    Trying to do this for my friend. These are my two first tries and my newest that is waiting to hear back from her on whether it is acceptable or not. In the meantime. thought I'd share and ask for input on the pencil sketch. Thanks!


    This one is way too messy. I put the colored pencil on too thick, etc.


    I did this one lighter and changed things up a bit. Didn't really love the color scheme. I was given two very different resources for the clothes so I have had to try and find the balance. Turns out she just wants gray, red, and black.


    I like that this one is more anmated. I am not a great figure drawer but I have been learning a few things (like maybe I need to practice figure drawing a lot more 🙂 ) It's a LITTLE less stiff than the other two.

  • Hi! I love the idea here and how you're building on your previous drawings! 🙂

    You're right in pointing out that you should practice figure drawing more, it's the first thing I thought of as the body proportions don't entirely work just yet. I've made a drawover to give some tips! I'm by no means perfect in body proportions myself, but I hope it helps a bit! ❤


    That said, you're well on your way to improving and keep up the awesome work! D&D is so fun! 😃

  • SVS OG

    Thank you so much! Those are some great tips! I am taking the Proko class right now (bought it and going through it slowly 🙂 ) I am on structure and finding it challenging to draw animals with ciylinders and boxes 🙂 Just started though. Thes tips sure help.

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen You are so welcome! 😃 Proko classes look amazing, I've been considering them myself too. I still struggle with the cilinders as well, and like you, especially when it comes to animals! But it gets easier! 😉

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