Were you offered to illustrate a book that was written by a terrible author?

  • have you ever rejected an illustration job because the text/writing was done unprofessionally? how did it go?

  • I have ... and it is awkward BUT I found it to be helpful to change the answer from "no" to "not yet". I give the author a couple tips on how to get an editor or point them toward a peer-review group for the manuscript. I know it is embarrassing for the author but it's better than just saying "no". Saying "not yet" leaves the door open in their mind that you may be able to work with them in the future.
    I wish you luck!

  • @bob-crum good approach! and thank you 😃

  • This happened to me recently and I really like Bob’s suggestion, but in my case I was told that self publishing a book was on the author’s bucket list, so she just wanted to check it off, not work on her craft. Due to the type of book, my name would not even be on the cover so I ended up quoting what I would want to be paid to make it worth the headache and I haven’t heard a peep from her since. 🙈

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