Suggestions needed for making prints

  • Hi everyone,

    I have been working on a commission piece for somebody I know. It isn't the kind of thing I have done before so I am not used to making prints. I am wondering where I should look for a one-off print? I have done postcards before and flyers etc but I haven't ever had to print something of higher quality.
    I have looked online at places like Fedex, where I have had a couple of banners printed before, and they apparently do posters and stuff.
    Basically I have no idea. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

    Thanks, C

  • @christopherh hi Christopher! Look for places that offers Fine art giclee prints, they are archival and will hold the colours and qualities over time 😊 I'm in Sweden so I don't know specific companies in the US that offers this but I'm sure there's people here in the Forum that does! I've heard about people using Awesomemerch, I think they have world wide shipping. But I've never used them myself. Some places offers a testprint, if you are going to print a larger quantity. But Google fine art print companies and I'm sure you will find something that suits your needs. good luck!

  • SVS OG

    Another illustrator recommended Cat Print to me, and I'm very pleased with their quality and service. No order too small, and they even mail you proofs if you want! The "Light Cardstock Matte" gives work a professional print feel.

    I hope someone has a recommendation for print borders! I never know how much of a border to put on. 1 inch? Or make a print that's bigger overall so the actual size of the art (without border) is a standard frame size? (Say, make a 11x14 print that has 8x10 artwork on it.)

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I’m still looking around at the moment but I will post back to update.

    No order too small sounds good though, I’m not used to just printing a single item!

  • @kajsah Thanks for the reply! I will be sure to check those out, I’m still looking around but luckily I have a very loose deadline!

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