Paladin for D and D tips for next one please.

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    I am doing a project for a friend. She asked me to draw her family members as D and D characters. This is not my strength but, looking at som efigure drawing sites and using a lot of resources I came up with two so far. Here's one of them. There are two parts I really don't like, the far arm looks a bit wonky and I wish I wouldn't have filled the mouth in black. If she is happy with it I will leave it as I have 8 more to do before Nov. 27th possibly!

    However, I am happy to get a critique that might help m ewith the next ones. I will try to post the other one I did if I can but, not sure how to do it from my phone straight to the forums and since it's secret, I can't post it on facebook to download it from there (which is what I normally do). Anyway, thanks for pointers!!



  • I see no images 😞

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    @art-of-b OOps! I'll try again.

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    I think I did a better job on this one.


  • Hi Marsha,

    I like that you are doing this for a friend, 9 characters, phew that is hard.
    I agree that you already got better on your second character.
    Maybe you can try some poses that are a bit more dynamic,
    so there is a bit more movement/action in the pose.
    Your second character's feet don't feel as grounded as the ones
    of your first character. You have chosen a though job but I think
    you're of to a good start.

    Good luck 🙂

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    @peterpaul Thank you! I was at posemaniac looking for poses whe I started this 🙂 I am pretty much following the pose of the costume models she sent meshe sent me for each because I am not too confident in the figure drawing department 🙂 I'm a pretty good copier and I can alter things a bit but not sure about a whole new pose-especially if it means I have to figure the costume into it too. ..... but, maybe I can try it out.

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    Here's the current one I'm working on. Will most likely start again because it doesn't look like her face and I don't know if I like it. I was given two resources for costume. The woman I'm drawing, in real life, is about 50-60 years old and always smiling. I need to make her look like a 38 year old who lost her mother as a young one and hasn't seen her father in 20 years. Half elf and half human. She carries a rapier, a small bow and a quiver arrows with three knives strapped to her left leg. (not sure if I can fit them) I sent her a message to send me a photo of her in character (without a huge smile). Anyway, I would love some critiques on this one. Are the clothes okay? Help with the proportions or anything else you might see that could be tweaked. I don't have tons of time to work on anything too elaborate so it might have to be a simple pose but, I apprecuate any help so I can get working on it some more tomorrow. Does the right (her left) leg look funnny? Thanks!!!!


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