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  • So I hear Lee talking about creating a dream portfolio. As I understand it, you identify those artists or images that you wish you had made and you put them in your "dream portfolio". Is the goal to identify people whose work is like yours, or what you ascribe to be? Or those that you really like-even if they are nothing like you create or imagine creating in the future?

    Has anyone done this? Do you have any images you could share?


  • Lee has a video on this, "How to discover your style". Its included in the subscription, or you can get it for $10. But yes, you've hit on the basics--identify artists who you aspire to be like and do work inspired by theirs. Be really picky about those you choose--I know that I personally really love the work of many artists but don't really want to work in their style.

  • SVS OG

    I made a Pinterest board of artists who’s style I would like to draw like. It really helps when I’m trying to solve a problem with angles of the face or treatment of hair.
    Yeah, it’s not artists you like. It’s artists who have your style or aspects of style you would like to incorporate in your style.
    For instance, I love Esther Gili and her treatment of facial features. She also works in watercolors like me. I love Julia Denos as well. They both simplify the figure in a way I would like to be able to do. When I have a picture of my daughter I want to stylize I refer back to their work to see how they did it.
    I have other artists as well in “my tribe.” There are tons of artists I respect and enjoy looking at their work. It’s completely different then knowing you fit (or the goal) with certain artists.
    It’s nice to have a collection of those artists work in one spot to refer back to. Even if it’s a few prints on a physical bulletin board.

  • @sarahluann I'll check out Lee's video on this-thanks.

  • @whitney-simms your suggestions are really practical. I looked at the 2 artists you mentioned-and can definitely see specifics of why you have collected them as references or inspirations.

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