Bee ala Jean de La Fontaine

  • Hi everyone! A fable of Jean de La Fontaine (Hornets and Bees) inspired me to do this quick after-work sketch. I planned to make it cute and I am looking forward to color it in bright yellow tones. What do you say? Is it too expected? Now, if I look at it, I am afraid that it looks like many other cartoon bees I have seen before...

  • I like it... maybe add him interacting with someone or something to tell a story or add some clothing or something to make him unique?

    Great construction though!


  • Thank you, Ace (@Ace-Connell), for your feedback and your suggestions! 🙂
    I went on with this piece and gave this little guy some tools and an apron. This is idea is based on the fable of Jean de la Fontaine (Hornets and Bees). In this fable the hornets raise the claim to own the bees honeycombs. A wasp has the task to be the judge in the fight between bees and hornet, but even with the help of the ants, the wasp cannot decide who is the builder and the owner of the honeycombs. Because the bees are the most intelligent guys in this story, they come up with the idea, that bees and hornets should provide a work sample to see who can build such wonderful combs. The hornets react with a big discussion and stubbornly refuse the idea of the work sample. The moral of the story: sometimes it is not a paragraph and a judge but intelligence which ends a fight.
    Bee sketch V1.jpg

  • @Jana Yeah, that's added a ton more character to the image. I love fables! You can learn so much from animals!

    The only thing I'd maybe change is the colour of the background... it's making the colours feel all crazy and the bee's not standing out too well because of the brain attack the colour behind it is giving me lol.

    Love it 🙂


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