Monster Project again

  • SVS OG

    Here are a couple more of the monster post cards I've been making for kids.

    The first one is Katie's. It's name is Bob. Round, purple, happy face .
    10 ugly square teeth.
    Full wrinkly lips
    Two arms on each side. Hands are green claws.
    Eyes are not big but they are round and black.
    Green hair straight and to the shoulders.
    Two fat long legs (oops, made them skinny) green claws for feet.
    Body is a green oval with purple polka dots. Tail is long with rounded end and has purple and green stripes. Bob lives in a haunted house with a ghost, spiders and a vampire if possible.

    The other monster was just me playing around. I have decided it's made of rubber because of that wonky arm wrapped around the handle of the stringed instrument. Anyway, it's a fun challenge and keeping me busy for a while. I have five more on the docket so.....that's all.



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