Pets and artwork stories

  • So I guess more people than me have this wee little problem?

    See, I have this cat. His name is Max (Maximus Aurelius is his complete name). Max is half Norwegian forest cat and half “stray”. He’s a bit peculiar thinking he’s a human. I see it a lot when the children are playing and he goes and joins their fun.

    So now you all know Max a little bit, I can tell you about what he does when I’m studying or drawing or just not wanting pet paws or hairs in what I am doing. He comes and ALWAYS walks straight over what I am doing, getting his pretty soft little paws inked or colored in all the colors of the rainbow, only to sit his big butt on top of where he just walked over, looking at his dirty paw and then glaring at me. Then! He doesn’t get up to walk away, no, he starts washing himself! Every single time. When I pick him up to put him somewhere “safe” he only stares at me.

    Do you guys recognize your pets in any way?

    I thought it could be fun to share pet experiences here.

    Here are some pictures of Max this morning, when I wanted to print out the workbook for one of Jakes lessons.0_1538642638221_43166120_1940079039405906_4688308432556523520_n.jpg 0_1538642654488_43163676_701670573550686_2643720724816068608_n.jpg

  • Very cute! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes: Back when I used to paint with oils, I accidentally left my art room door open a few times, my cat Pualani came in and ate the cadmium orange right off my palette a couple of times and one time chewed on the cadmium orange tube. Cadmium is not exactly good for you, so I was not too pleased. She didn't get sick, but I felt so bad. What is it about that orange that she liked so much? She never went for the cadmium red. . .

  • I once had a cat that would walk across my Wacom tablet and rotate whichever image I had open. I never could figure out how to un-rotate the canvas, so I'd have to close the image and re-open it. Literally every time he stepped on my tablet he'd rotate the image... I tried to figure out how to do it myself and could never do it. He had the magic paws, I guess.

    At the moment we have a dog that likes to destroy things...I'm afraid to do any traditional art because she is sure to find it and create art of her own out of it. (Vacuumable art, lol).

    Max is cute, BTW. Tuxedo cats are so handsome.

  • @tessaw Did she develop super powers from the cadmium?! 😂

  • @Eli 😂 No, but who knows what powers might have been unleashed if only she had succeeded in getting into that tube. 😲

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    Thomas, my dog, would occasionally fart while laying under my desk. The smell would be so bad I would have to leave. But when you are right in the middle of a wet in wet watercolor you kinda have no choice but to hold your breath and pray you can get through the next 5 minutes without gagging. Dog farts are the worst. 🤣🤢🤣

  • @burvantill Haha YES they are the worst! My dog Java has, on very rare occasion, had an audible fart and it startles her. She jumps up and spins around like "WHO'S BACK THERE?!" It is awesome.

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    @eli LMAO!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @tessaw That's so strange! Hahhaha I hope you bought her an orange sleeping pillow? Or maybe she would start eating that too.... I'm happy she didn't eat glow in the dark paint. Would kind of suck if she was around hunting mice at night :p

  • @twiggyt Oh don't let Max cute looks deceive you :p What kind of dog do you have? How old is she?

  • @eli Hahahahahaha that must be so funny to look at 😃

  • @sas Haha YES I wish that I could get a video of it.

  • @sas The dog is a Schipperke/Chihuahua mix. She was supposed to be my step-daughter's dog, but my step-daughter is more of a cat person, so she ended up becoming my husband's dog. Coincidentally, her name is Trouble, and she lives up to her name! I'm gonna name our next dog Considerate or something, lol.

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