Vertical in a horizontal portfolio

  • I have a horizontal portfolio but I have a few vertical pieces. Should I put them on their side so the book has to be turned to see it or should I make them smaller and keep them upright on the horizontal page? (Hope that made sense...)

  • That's a tricky situation you've got here, Joy!
    Personally I think that it's not much of a problem that you flip your artwork to fit the canvas, as long as all the flipped artwork is displayed in the same direction, so the viewer don't need to flip the portfolio in all directions to see different pieces. Another possibility that came to my mind is to shrink down the piece to fit the portfolio vertically, and put some details of the piece.

    I don't know if this made any sense... sorry ^^"

  • SVS OG

    My personal feeling on this is that you want the person looking through your portfolio to have the smoothest, nicest experience of looking through your portfolio as possible. Forcing them to turn it back and forth for different pieces would, in my view, make the experience of flipping through your work less smooth and enjoyable. Yes, shrinking it to fit will make details harder to see, but I think that is the best option. Maybe, as Joyce suggested, some detail shots could solve this for you.

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