Monster Project

  • SVS OG

    I'm sure they could be much better but I am doing it for fun and they're free and once a day so, I can't really spend as much time on them as I should. The kids like them anyway.

    Will's Monster 4 years old
    A blue monster with every color polka dots, every color eyes, every color lips, every color eyebrows, and every color horns.

    0_1538438040887_42893268_2226298314322312_2166736873991438336_o.jpg !

    Charlotte's Monster (2 years old)
    A blue witch monster with falling down eyes and falling down lips. ( Now this one might be a little scary for a two year old so I am possibly going to make a new one once I hear from her mom 🙂 )


  • So fun Marsha..I'll bet the kids do love them!

  • SVS OG

    @djlambson Thanks 🙂

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