Monster project

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    Just wanted to tell you about my annual Monster project. I think it's my second year but, I may have done it three times. It started with Inktober and a challenge from @Jake Parker to draw a monster. I posted them on here as I did them. Some are better than others but, in a way I am doing the Draw 100 things in spurtz 🙂

    I will be starting up again in October. I have book page on facebook. It is NOT very professional but I would love for any of you to check it out , if you like. Marsha Ottum Owen Books.

    I have decided not to be a professional working for money because I don't need money and it stresses me out. I hope I'm not being a giver upper. So ignore the bookstore link, etc. I've decided to share my art and books in other ways and I don't really knwo how to change the page around.


    1. I get a description, from a kid, of a monster.
    2. I draw (ink and watercolor) the monster.
    3. I post the monster on facebook (on my page and their parents page usually).

    I do it first come, first serve and promise to do ten, but reserve the right to do more if I want to.

    This year I will be drawing them on postcards and sending them snail mail to the describer. I loved getting mail when I was a kid 🙂

    So far the kids have loved their monsters which makes me happy. One of my friends had hers put on T shirts for her three sons 🙂

    Anyway, you're officially invited. I'd ask you to join in but, I'm afraid your monsters will all be better than mine 🙂 Ha! Is that bad? )

    My facebook pages are stuck in portuguese (sp?) somehow so, I'll be working on getting it back to English. (It also translates into Norwegian Ha! Ha! What did I do?!!!!!)

  • What a wonderful idea! And sending them as a postcard is perfect! Everyone loves getting good mail. As for deciding to not work for money because it stresses you out--I totally understand! I feel the same and am fortunate to not need to earn money. So I can draw for other reasons. It's only giving up if you quit drawing...which you aren't.

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