Disney World

  • I was thinking of you all yesterday. I was in Disney World in Florida. Informally, it is often referred to as “the house built by a mouse.” A better description would be “the house built by AN ILLUSTRATION of a mouse.” It represents everything this forum is about: Stories and illustrations. Those two elements are the genesis. It grows from there to book publishing, animation, music composition and production, and everything else that is required to make a movie.

    But it STARTS with the very talents and skills that you all demonstrate. Please be encouraged that the world needs you. Your ability to skillfully create stories and bring them to life is the refreshment the rest of the world seems to crave and is drawn to. (Forgive the pun)

    Just wanted to share this observation.

    You never know what might happen when you wish upon a star.

    • Larry

  • SVS OG

    Have you seen the movie “Walt before the mouse?” I think that’s the title. Walt had extreme perseverance! It was really good. His imagination and drive are unmatched by anyone. Well, there may be a few that had visions and the passion to carry them out like he did. You can sure feel the magic in the parks and his films. Disney world is for sure one of my happiest places!

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