Comic Book Portfolios...and networking!

  • Hey all, wanted to drop in a quick question. Does anyone know of somewhere to find good comic book portfolio examples. Artists websites that you think I could check out would be awesome as well.


    Since we're all on the networking train, is anyone in the Denver area?

  • @rajsolankiart Are you looking for comic book artist portfolios? or companies portfolios on the comics they publish?
    I live in CO.

  • @naters-calderone I'm looking for comic book artist portfolios!

    Where in CO are you?

  • @rajsolankiart Salida.

  • Hi!

    If you want to see Indy artist portfolios, poke around the comcbookcollabs subreddit, digitalwebbing and deviant art (lots of examples around there). If you are looking for professional portfolios, just pick up a few comics and Google the artists. Everyone has a web portfolio these days. Lots of people use squarespace but it's a bit expensive.

    Depending on what you want to do, you should curate your portfolio. Independent artists are expected to do it all (pencil, ink, color, sometimes letter). Professionals tend to do one step in the process. If you are going for a traditional professional job, fit your portfolio to the job you want. I.e. if you are trying to do inking, show examples of your inking (with a few of the pencil pages for reference). If you are applying for pencilling / general sequential stuff, show pencilled pages (with a few examples of the script you worked from.)

    My website has a sequential section, but I don't do a lot of paid work... Yet! Not saying it's great, but it's an example.

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