Character stance in the opening illustration.

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    Does this convey excitement about getting a new pencil?

  • I'd say, yes! Even more so, perhaps, if the pencil was turned around? That way he's holding it in a natural position for drawing with it in the next moments. Although the stance doesn't suggest it that much to me, the pencil pointing the way it is currently could make it look like he's about to throw it. It's a pencil, not a dart! 🙂 Great expression on your character(s). Looking forward to seeing more from this work in progress if you're up for sharing.

  • That's just my two cents though. Maybe the point of the pencil contributes to the flow of the image in a way you're going for. 🙂

  • Nice work! I love the character design 🙂

    It absolutely does convey excitement for getting a new pencil.

    Would you like feedback regarding the pose @Art-Dud ?

  • I think it does! And I love his other arm - it really makes his pose dynamic!
    He does look like he might topple over a bit - his right leg (the leg in the left) just needs to come out more so that his center weight is more stable. I hope that's helpful - I don't have the ability to do a draw over right now.
    But he looks pumped about his new pencil!

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