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  • Hi all,

    My name is Simon Lissaman. I'm an illustrator looking to learn more and develop my skills. I have a background in games development (concept art) but have found some success in commercial and technical illustration. I've been drifting a bit lately and I'm having a bit of a creative slump. Anyone have any advice on shaking it off?

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  • Nice work!

    Whenever I feel a creative slump I draw shapes. cubes, spheres and pyramids.

    Very soon, I'm so sick of drawing basic shapes that I'd rather draw literally anything else.

    At which point I draw literally anything else.

    And if I don't, at the very least I've spent an hour or so practicing the basics.

  • @art-of-b I have never thought about doing that... I usually try and draw cartoon faces until something happens or I get frustrated and go do something else. I will have to try this and see if it helps!

  • You could try doing a monthly challenge? Maybe draw 30 animals, or 30 children ? Or if you want a bigger challenge do @Jake-Parker 's draw "100 something". @smceccarelli did 100 children recently and did pretty awesome work! If you share the work here or on social media it gives you accountability (that being said, I started a challenge like that about 2 years ago which was drawing 50 animal characters and never finished it, but I did about 20 and it was still fun and kept the creative juice flowing). What kind of illustration would you like to do? (kid lit, editorial, ?)

  • @simon-prime
    Hello! Lovely work 😊 When I feel drifty and uncreative I try and do something else that doesn’t expect me to be creative, like walking or cycling or yoga or swimming or go camping or something, and then often I’ll feel more creative afterwards.

    Have you read the artists way? I find that book helpful and in there I think they call it filling the creative well, and the svs guys did a podcast not too long ago about filling your creative bank account that might help too!
    Sending some creative sparkles your way ✨✨

  • @simon-prime Jake Parker is always talking about the creative bankaccount. In order to be creative you should fill up your "creative bankaccount" with experiences such as reading a book, visit a museum, hike with friends etc. Listen to the 3 Point Perspective podcast. The SVSguys have an episode about the creative bankaccount. Hope this helps. 😉

  • @art-of-b I like that one. I forget to practice basics.

  • I do the above and:

    • I recreate other artists work: scribble, I don't expect a masterpiece or anything, i just do it for myself. it is less stressful that way.
    • i follow a tutorial: either to learn something new or to feel like drawing is a group activity but without having to leave home if it's inconvenient.
    • I draw gestures: less demanding, quick, you can do it anywhere, in the bank or waiting for the bus.
    • break your routine, do something new: i recently went out for a walk at 2 am, took a cheesy photo of myself with my finger on a statue's head, and kinda tried to jump over a bridge instead of going around it, but I chickened out (some may say wised up!) and while at it, found a coin lodged between the bridge's fence bars lol 😃

    it shouldn't all be about work, find food for your body and soul.

  • @Simon-Prime if you want to have some fun ideas to try, you can go for this website by Amy Pikaland. Every time I am out of ideas, I go there and try out the prompts.

  • Welcome Simon! I sometimes go back to old work I have done and reinvent it.

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    @simon-prime Cute! And welcome! =)x

  • @doodleworx I do that quite a bit but worry about getting stuck in a loop doing the same piece over and over. I worry it feeds my perfectionist tendencies.

  • One thing I've noticed is that art block is closely connected with the mood. When I can't draw anything I understand that I need to do something to cheer up. The worse my mood the less I can draw.

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