Hello I’m an aspiring illustrator.

  • Hi I’m Miranda and I'm working towards becoming an illustrator.

    Right now I'm using my spare time to build my foundational skills, develop my style, and learn about the illustration industry.

    Any advice for self-directed learning in illustration would be super appreciated! I'm currently building a plan for myself with resources, books to read, courses to take, illustrators to follow, etc. I’m also really interested in online platforms where I can go to get feedback on my work, and it looks like SVS is one of those places, so I’m excited to give that a go!

    A few months ago I started an Instagram account so I could start sharing some of my digital drawings and work on my style. I’ve included a few below. 🙂




    Thanks for stopping by my post and see you around the SVS forums!


    PS. I found SVS through the new Three Point Perspective podcast and it's been such an awesome find. I've learned so much from the first 9 episodes.

  • Hi Mira!
    fortunately, svslearn offers a suggested curriculum https://www.svslearn.com/suggested-curriculum/
    and you can pay annually if you want to take your time and make the best out of the courses available.
    Even though I graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts, I still did all the beginner courses on the website because every teacher has a different style in teaching and may even add important information that were not mentioned by another.
    After you finish the courses you need here and feel more confident about your new skills, find books or other courses for anatomy. let me know if I can help with anything 😃
    good luck!

  • Hi Heidi thanks so much for your reply and advice! I'll be sure to check out the courses. I hadn't seen the suggested curriculum so I've have a look :D.

  • SVS OG

    Hi, Mira! Welcome to the forum. I Wish you all the best in your career!

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  • @nyrrylcadiz & @Jon-Anderson Thank you!! 🙂

  • Welcome to the Forums Miranda! Schoolism is also a good site to learn from online.

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