What happened to Beauregard the Bear???

  • SVS OG

    I have just watched the Character design class and right at the end was a video featuring Shane Lewis where he talked about creating and killing off a character he had invented called Beauregard the Bear - just to see if anyone would care.
    I wanna know what happened - did the bear become a rug? Did he get shipped off to a retirement home? Or did Shane abandon the project? I tried googling but looks like his blog is inactive now. 😞
    I guess I cared for the bear. :-|

  • @missmushy I've wondered about this from time to time. You should email him!

  • SVS OG

    @tessaw maybe I will 🤣

  • @missmushy If you do, let us know what he says! Surely that bear is a rug by now? I want to know how people responded. Maybe he didn't have the heart to kill him off after all?

  • SVS OG

    Shane was kind enough to respond to my email - here is the update:
    “Hi, Michelle -

    Beauregard, I'm pleased to say, is still alive and well. He's grown to be quite large these days, but he's in excellent health, and I expect him to survive at least another five or 6 Christmases. It's truly the golden age for being a cartoon polar bear in a human world. But, yeah - the plan is still to eventually turn him into a rug. That's how we honor cartoon polar bears in our society... I think”

    So Beau lives on ... for now 😬

  • That's awesome. I guess I'll be checking back in 5-6 years!

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