Made it to the COVER of a Scientific Journal

  • I work as a scientific illustrator/animator for a research institute. My job requires me to do a lot of illustrations and animations for several uses by the scientists (professors, post-docs and students).

    A couple of weeks ago, my request was to illustrate a cover page for a scientific journal. These journals are like specialized magazines where scientists publish their research findings. They usually invite some of the scientists with accepted manuscripts for publication to also submit some illustration that can be selected for the issue cover.

    After discussing with the scientists, I came with this illustration, which was selected by the journal! The whole layout of the cover is done by the publisher. I just did the illustration, in watercolour and ink. Took a photo of it with a good camera (it was better than scanning) and sent to the researchers for submission.

    0_1531413604494_YanJie Chemical Sciences - Cover.png

  • @diego_biosteam congratulations Diego! well done!

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  • Thanks all!!!

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