A Boy And His Dog

  • When we were children we knew things that we only remember now that we are older. We knew the feel of the grass. We knew the smell of dirt. We knew the bristly nuzzle of a dog's snout and the wetness of a dog's nose. We picked weeds and gave them as flowers, we caught grasshoppers and named them, and we drank from the garden hose.

    I wanted to capture some of that in an illustration so, here it is. I called it, quite simply, "A Boy And His Dog."
    0_1531221690304_A Boy And His Dog.jpg

  • I like how you add a background story for your illustration. It seems more real and trustworthy now. I showed it to my friends when I met her before the broadway one of the best things to do in Las Vegas by this website opinion. And also adding a storyline or nostalgic reference makes the whole thing vibe with positive energy.

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