Nephew looking for drawing tablet.

  • My 13 year old nephew is into drawing web comics and wants to get a drawing tablet. He's interested in using either Photoshop or Procreate. Can anyone recommend something for someone just starting out? Thanks!

  • If he already has an iPad then Procreate would be great for him to see if he likes digital art. I also hear great things about Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Clip Studio has comic layouts and is pretty great too.

    Photoshop is my personal go to program but you may consider Photoshop Elements to get him started. This book has really good tutorials for it as well. ( There are a lot of great options out there!

  • It may be a bit expensive, but an iPad with procreate seems to be really awesome for a lot of people. A friend of mine uses his iPad purely as a digital sketchbook and is drawing/inking his latest comic project solely using that and procreate! It makes me want one too!

    If an iPad is a bit over budget. Then look at the starter graphics tablets that you can plug in to a laptop/computer... Wacom is always a great brand, but there are many entry-level alternatives too...

    Just be aware that getting used to a tablet WITHOUT a screen takes a little longer to get used to. Tablets with a built in screen are easier to adjust to.

  • I would say for a beginner a Wacom Bamboo medium size ,Photoshop Elements instead of Photoshop CC, but if it is for painting and for comics Clip studio paint is about the best and then Autodesk sketchbook is free.I am assuming he has a computer at the moment.

  • For starting out digitally, I'd recommend a Wacom Intuos or Bamboo tablet. Not too pricey, are travel-sized and will take a beating 😛 I started with the intuos, and it served me very well. Great quality product if you ask me.

    Of course, the Ipad and procreate would be better - but is definitely a lot more costly!

  • @dottyp Better to go with Clip paint than PS elements especially if you are into comics.

  • @misteralexdavid I pad would be cheaper unless you already have a decent computer and unless it is a laptop then you can't travel with it.

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