Intro to Graphic Novel Coloring

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    Hey guys! Hope this is okay to post here, it is a tutorial on a subject not currently covered by SVS. I think it would fit right in with other SVS titles though! The instructor is personable, explains the technique very well, and the video/sound quality is great.

    If you are interested in graphic novel/comic style coloring, check out Reuben Lara's series. This person's tutorials on the basics of Clip Studio Paint made things click for me. This Intro to Graphic Novel Coloring is an excellent explanation of workflow and tips for this kind of coloring. He also goes over how to achieve the same results in Photoshop. (Though if you are at all interested in graphic novel making, Clip Studio Paint has some AWESOME features to make that process more efficient. Such as Lasso Fill Tool - automatically fills any shape you draw.)

    The best part is, it's only $8! I bought it and that's an insane value for the information. You also get the file he uses for the tutorial so you can follow along.

    Intro to Graphic Novel Coloring link

    You can watch the Clip Studio Basics video for free to see if you like his teaching style.

  • @carriecopa Awesome, I have to recommend a youtube that I found really helpful by a guy named Jason Brubaker , it's free and about 2 hours long in 3 parts and really in depth.Cheers, Chris

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