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  • I'm just about to finish my first try at a daily art challenge. I didn't feel like joining #mermay or #junicorn - so I created my own, #catsofjune, where I've drawn a cat for every day of the month. You can check out the results on my Deviantart page or on my Instagram

    It was an interesting excercise and I would like to hear what you think of these kinds of art challenges and tags. I felt I had to change how I approached drawing to be able to actually make something I felt satisfied with every single day for a month. In a way, I think I've learnt to be less of a perfectionist and more willing to just go with the flow when I draw.

    So have you tried any of these art challenges? What did you think?

  • @Joen-Söderholm Yes I have. Though the first major challenge I did was the NaNoWriMo and I try to dedicate time to that every year.

    I've done Smagust and Inktober. This year I tried the other months, even got a few unicorn sketches done. However a full fleshed illustrative piece has been beyond me. Working full time, and being a single mom, has been a struggle. So I try to at least get something out, even if it's only a doodle.

  • I tried to attempt the #JourneyJune challenge started this June by a few artists and completely failed tbh. I kept forgetting to post what i did and am now about a week behind.
    They're tough and I think they show you if you've got a weakness of discipline, time management or are taking on too much work 😛

  • @misteralexdavid I don't know about what they show, to be honest. Life happens. The more you have on your plate, sure, the less time you have to devote to anything else that takes time and attention. However, these are called "challenges" for a reason. They are not "reasonable" in terms to time or constraints, if they were, they wouldn't be a challenge to complete.

    However, it depends on the "rules" of whatever challenge it is you are trying to do. Or what additional rules you are applying/assuming to the challenge you are attempting.

    I see people doing full-blown graphite drawings, or fully detailed pieces and calling them "sketches" for "Sketchtember" while others are doing two minute quick doodles. The term "sketch" varies from person to person, in this example.

    Same for Smaugust - I've seen fully painted and done pieces, while others just sketch out their drawings. shrugs The only rules I know of for this one is - draw dragons, 1 per day at least, every day of August. That's it.

    Time, discipline, or overburdening oneself might be an issue - or it might not. I think people get too hard on themselves sometimes - as these are supposed to be fun and as a way to give us something to do. Honestly, at the end of the day, priorities have to be made, and these don't tend to be a high priority - unless the artist in general makes it a priority. 🙂

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  • @hbryant You're right they are called challenges for a reason. My problem is partly that I took on a bunch of new work at the same time as deciding to do the challenge! haha.

    The next one I do I will definitely make a priority, I think making it the first thing I do every day might be a good Idea. And making it a small commitment - not a full-fledged masterpiece!

    I think the 'Rules' are often a bit unrefined, and when people see other artists creating finished work for these 30 day challenges - it makes them/me want to do the same or risk feeling inadequate or like you're not doing it 'properly'. which is not the case.

    Thanks for your balanced reply - I think I do need to not be so hard on myself, just a little. 🙂

  • SVS OG

    The can be fun. They can push you forward but...they can also be exhausting.

  • Thanks for great replies. I agree it can be pretty exhausting. I was a bit too ambitious with my first entries to my own challenge and then felt that I wanted to keep all drawings on the same level of quality. That turned out to be a lot of work and I think I was only able to do it because I didn't have too much work or other stuff going on that month.

    I think I'd prefer to have weekly challenges instead of monthly next time.

  • @joen-söderholm I've done Inktober once successfully and twice not so much. Illustration Friday is a great weekly challenge if the daily ones are too daunting.

  • @juliekitzes That's interesting, I hadn't heard about Illustration Friday before! I've kind of tried Inktober, but never as a challenge. More as theme throughout October without checking prompts or pushing to do it on a daily basis.

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