Mushroom village WIP

  • Hello!

    this is my second post in the forums. I introduced myself last week and posted an sketch of my version of the mushroom village. I was very encouraged to keep working on it and since then I have changed some things and started to add some details. I know I won't be able to even finish the sketch by the end of the month, but I want to keep working on it and maybe have, at some point, a finished illustration.

    Thank you very much for taking a look.

    0_1529966026137_mushroom village wip1.jpg

  • Cute! I like the addition of the little activities going on and how you include a nice detailed space (the cafe) with a wide open space (the soccer field).

  • @tessaw Thank you very much. I wanted to add more kids playing soccer, but I was thinking that maybe it would get too crowded though. I guess I will try and see how it looks.

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