Never Miss A Rainbow

  • A frequent bit of advice for illustrators hoping to work in children’s books is to look at the books in the children's section of the book store. So I paid a visit to my local Barnes And Nobles and did just that.

    While in the children’s section I could hear a mother and child talking as the child played with a wooden car setup. There was a storm brewing outside and whenever thunder sounded I heard the young Mom say “thunder” and then another word in a foreign language that I presumed meant “thunder.”

    Afterwards I went to the coffee shop in the store (Starbucks) to sit by the window with a cup of coffee and watch the rain.

    The young Mom and her baby boy came into the coffee shop soon afterwards.

    My partner and I then spotted a brilliant full Rainbow in the Florida sky. I wanted the little boy to see the rainbow so I told his Mom about it.!

    She looked out the window and, with great excitement, picked up her son and walked outside to let him see it.

    Just thought you might like to read this story.

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