Mixed media experiment

  • Trying to combine two different digital techniques: 3D fractal art and 3D character modelling.

    3D fractal art has been seen in special effects for the movie "Dr. Strange". Fractals are repetitive patterns generated mathematicaly.

    I like generating and exploring 3D fractals for creating fantasy environments. And decided to add a couple of 3D characters that I created in a modeling/animation software (Blender).



  • Hey this is interesting! Kind of reminds me of a Team ICO game blended with Viewtiful Joe. Nice!

    Will you be exploring this idea more?

  • Hi @lei
    Yes, I will explore a lot of this. I have been doing some fractal environments for a while and have created a lot of pieces. Just need to tie them together in a story. Also, there will be more characters. Right now I am modeling one of her friends. But I also want to work more on the characters models to make it easier to animate them (because they need to be posed in each scene).

    This is a glimpse of her friend (still a WIP):
    0_1529660419067_Test 02b.jpg

  • It looks really cool. The first two look like technological rock formations.

  • Thanks, @TessaW
    There is an influence of the old Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger games here! Lets see where this will go!

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