Who has published electronically using your own isbn?

  • I'm looking into publishing as an e-book or print on demand. Is Amazon the only one that does it? I think they use their own isbn. I have 9 isbn numbers from when I had decided to be a self publisher and went obsessive with it. Let's say I am looking for the easiest way to get my books available to those whio might want a copy (mostly family and friends -though I do have a big family 🙂 )and still be able to use my isbn. I don't think Create Space does that. I've heard of Lulu before...need to look into that more. I'm not trying to earn a bunch of money, just trying to make my books available to my family and little group of fans from facebook. Thanks.

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen I used Lulu but that was before Amazon got into publishing (back when dinosaurs roamed the land) so I can’t compare the two. I did like Lulu, however, and apparently they will keep your books available forever since my books are still on their site.

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