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  • I have signed up for a critique along with several other illustrators, which will be conducted in a room full of people. Part of the instructions were to not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try a new technique for the final art. Does this sound like a reasonable approach? I'm having trouble getting onboard with that.

  • Can you give more details about the event? What will they be critiquing exactly? Do you have to come up with several new illustrations or one new illustration?

  • @tessaw ~ It's a critique with a creative director from Scholastic. Only 12 people were chosen, but the critique will be done in front of those artists and another 25 or so who paid to witness the carnage (lol). We were given a choice of three story prompts, need to do a character study and a two-page spread. The final art for the spread is what will be critiqued.

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    @pinky sounds like a good opportunity to find out what art directors like. Maybe. 😬

  • Maybe you should just start working on it, and while you do the character study, if the character seems to call for a different style, go with it! Maybe you could use the character study to experiment with a few different styles, then if you end up going with your original style, you can say that's the one you felt was working the best for the story (and have some reasons why--in case they ask!).

    Also, don't forget--you want to show work in the style that you will like doing work in.

  • Thanks for the input/suggestions! I'll do my best to not overthink the whole thing! 🙂

  • While it's good to consider that guideline, ultimately do what's best for you! If you need feedback on what's representative on your current style and technique, stick with that. While I think it could be potentially helpful to play around with technique, it might not be what you need at the moment. You make the judgement call, and feel secure in what you decide!

  • @pinky I can image the stress you are under, but it sounds like a great opportunity.

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