Mushroom Village (er) WIP

  • Hi! I have a friend who I get to make names for my mushrooms, not that I can not create my own, I just like to include her and others in my work progress and final work feedback. So I'm about 90% through Jake Parker's How To Draw Everything course and wanted to get started on my Mushroom Village, so I began with a villager.

    Tools Include: Pencil, Pencil Crayons and a Thin Tip Sharpie. I have not invested in better pens as of yet. I do have a question: Will Sharpies bleed if I use watercolour paint?

    Thanks for any constructive feedback. 🙂
    Oh before I forget his name is Martin the Magic Mushroom. (Al-iteration is another friends contribution lols).

    This was photographed and then cropped. Final works will be scanned or done digitally.

    0_1529088605149_Martin the Magic Mushroom.jpg

  • I found a YouTube video demonstration showing how sharpies react with watercolor:

  • Thank you @Miriam for replying. Minus the bleed aspect which is problematic, the fumes give me a headache. So I will be searching for something to replace it.


  • @heather-boyd From Jake Parker's tool recommendation page on his site:

    Copic Gasenfude Nylon Brush Pen Black
    This is the newest pen in drawing arsenal. It has a springy tip that can get some nice delicate lines. The inkflow is balanced. But the best thing about this brush pen is it's WATERPROOF. So markers don't smudge it, watercolors play well with it. It's a great pen for working with all kinds of wet media.

    I know it's not a marker...but could be fun!

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