Question about printing your own prints.. Can't find the right paper?!

  • Hey all!

    So I have been searching for the right type of paper to make my prints on for quite a while and seem to be at a loss. I"m wondering if anyone could help me narrow down a specific type of paper. I"m looking for the glossy/coated paper you see a lot of prints from Conventions printed on. I have gotten sample packs with upwards to 50 types of different papers and the ones that are glossy are too glossy, like for actual photos.

    Currently i'm settled on a matte paper, the quality is great and I'm not complaining, but I would really like to find the type of paper the majority of artists who have prints at conventions seem to have. I just can't seem to find it.

    Is there anyone who has the answer or maybe are in the same boat and come up with a different solution. I would be printing from home, so this is why I'm searching so long for this.

  • Have you tried contacting any convention artists you know and asking them what paper they use? I know that @Jake-Parker makes his own prints, so hopefully he can chime in, too. I've been wondering about this too, as well as a good quality printer and affordable archival ink. Hopefully we can get some good answers 🙂

  • @teju-abiola Not yet, I figured I would come here first and see if there was anyone else who could possible help out, and then if it comes down to it, I'll probably end up messaging some of the artists I follow that I have met at some of the cons I have gone to and see what they print on.

  • I know that in one of jakes videos he mentions this paper:
    Its the Epson Ultra premium matte paper. I have used it and really liked it.

  • From Jake Parker's webpage:
    "Hammermill Color Copy Digital Cover, 80 lb, 8 1/2 x 11
    It has a smooth finish that's great for inking and markers. Also, works well in my printer. Warps with watercolor. "

  • Thanks guys, I'm making yet another paper run today, and will hopefully find what I'm looking for this time. I'll also take these names to the shop with me and see if they aren't just what I'm looking for! Will report back if I find it and what brand it is.

  • @jason-kilthau Good luck!

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