Book: "Drawing Is Magic: Discovering Yourself in a Sketchbook" by John Hendrix

  • The "Drawing is Magic" book is recommended as a useful material in the Branding for Creatives class on SVS. I bought it and have started going through it and find the activities/prompts fun and inspiring.

    Has anyone else bought the book? Completed the book? Did you end up discovering yourself/your style through using this book?

    I am interested to hear other people's thoughts on it.1_1528772481777_20180611_205350.jpg 0_1528772481775_20180611_205319_001.jpg

  • @kadelex I just purchased it. I'll touch base again once it comes in the mail. Looks great -- I have a tendency to forget that drawing is actually fun. I place so much expectation on myself and my art. Such a creativity-killer.

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