Mushroom Village WIP

  • Oddly enough I am combining a few pieces from a few older pieces I wanted to revamp now that I feel more comfortable in my "style" per say. Real rough and subject to changed but this is what I have so far. Would love any feedback/cc 0_1528650638837_Svs_June.jpg

  • @stephanie-hider I like this! The shapes of the mushrooms makes it look really cozy.
    I like the interior as well, nice round and friendly shapes. But it kinda looks like its too high up? Like if you were to open the door, you'd have to climb, because the floor level seems to be somewhere in the middle of it. I think this is because we're seeing the room from above, but the mushrooms from below. Maybe solve it by either moving the interior of the room downwards, or add a little staircase on the inside or outside?
    I'm always really uncertain about my own advice, so maybe wait for someone else to chime in before you take my word for it. ^^
    I'm looking forward to seeing this in colour!

  • @embla Thanks so much 😃 so glad you like it. Oh you can't see it very well but there is a little stair case before his door by the curvy mushrooms. Once I do a full pencil in you will be able to see them better sorry!

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