Me vs. Heroes... help me break these down :-)

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    So I finally narrowed down my list of illustration heroes to 8. I limited myself to living, working illustrators (bye, N.C. Wyeth, J. C. Leyendecker, Beatrix Potter.... the list goes on...), but even then it was hard to narrow it down! Here is what my layout looks like:


    So, what commonalities are you seeing between my heroes? What do I need to work on? A lot, obviously.... this is an incredibly humbling exercise!

    Whats jumping out at me is:

    Strong, deliberate silhouettes and value relationships (something I am DEFINITELY working on!)
    Muted and/or limited palettes
    Selective detail

    I feel like there are more but I'm having a hard time finding words. Help?

  • @sarah-luann I agree with the things you mentioned. What else? ...

    • mysterious feel
    • 1 to 3 characters
    • a strong frame around the subject
    • subject in the center
    • graphic-style, bold shapes (rather than realistic, natural shapes)

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    Good ideas! Thank you.

  • Commonalities I see Include:

    Dramatic Use of Line
    Emphasis on Shape
    Mono tone colour palette / or Pastel
    Sharp crisp line
    Not overly blending colours

    In these image selections I like Shaun Tan's colour palette and comic look, and Jon Klassen's texture and subject matter.


  • SVS OG

    Good ones. I think I would re-word "Not overly blending colors" to "using mostly flat colors with texture". Which is not a huge difference, but I think its what I am drawn to. Thanks 🙂

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