break through day :D

  • hey peeps. I've not posted in ages, actually been doing commissions so all good. These last few days I've had one of those big step moments. You know...where something has gone further than you have ever done before?I just wanted to celebrate with you (and a thanks to the team for me really pushing myself, and for the advice from the forum about drawing displays...I bought a huion 221pro last week, and this is the first picture off...and it is sooo much easier to get immersed in the art and get it done, and to a higher quality. Program used is photoshop) Ok, so here's the pics.
    the commission was for giraffes, and I found out that the person it is intended as a gift for loves playing his guitar, the Fugess, and Chainsmokers (DJ producers). So everything is built around that. Deliberately chose pure photoshop wizardry for the lighting because it fit what i was making. The rest of is it a digital wet oil brush in the photoshop basic collection, and my own colouring brush together with my own fur brush. And that was it.

  • @andyg Wow! That's really great texture & color in the fur!

  • DJ giraffes !amazing idea,I love the eyes! I also found it much easier to draw when I got the Pen display I supposed some people just need a big screen

  • @andyg Congrats! This looks really really amazing! The fur texture looks great and the lighting fits the mood perfectly! You must have worked really hard on this. The only thing that stood out to me is the right arm of the giraffe holding the mic. It looks much shorter than it should be. And may I suggest having the giraffe open its mouth at the mic (like talking or singing) might make it look more like he's in action instead of posing for a picture. Thank you for sharing! It's beautiful!

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