The Ballad of Bea and Cad

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    Saw this Nickelodeon animated short yesterday and was just blown away. I've been struggling with what sort of "style" I should try to go for and looking at artists I admire, and when I saw this animation I was like, "THIS. I want to make this."


    Things I like about the animation that I want to work on for myself:

    • simplistic but not abstract characters, still lots of personality
    • thin, uniform linework
    • detailed backgrounds
    • lovely color schemes
    • great framing
    • the fantasy/adventure subject matter

    It's about 5 minutes of fantastic storytelling. Give it a watch! Sadly the animation is only a proof-of-concept, not a real show in the works, but there IS a graphic novel in the works.

    The Ballad of Bea and Cad

  • I think I saw a clip of this!
    I really like elements of this type of work, especially the short (5 minute) story. Its like a glimpse of a dream and I have so many of those. lols
    The clip I watched was humorous but still kept me on my toes, that is something I like to see in my work down the road. Laughter heals.
    I really liked the colours in certain scenes and the different settings/environments capture my eye.

    Though I generally prefer more texture, blending and depth or volume/sculptural to my illustrations. I definitely see the appeal, I would need to blend this with more of what I prefer as well to be a better fit for me.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • @carriecopa I love this style, too! Thanks for sharing the video. 🙂

    You should take a look at Helen Oxenbury's work. I just saved a stack of her illustrations on Pinterest for inspiration & master copy options. I'll have to add some by Tim Probert!


    Google Image search for Helen Oxenbury

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