Breathing Life into Your Character Designs

  • Has anyone taken this class yet? I thumbnailed my book idea and I'm feeling stuck as to the next step of the process, so I decided to start with developing the main character first and go from there. Would you recommend this class?

  • I will be taking the course in the future for sure. If you review what you will be learning on the course intro page. Especially because in the what you will learn includes the written description and the process of creating your characters. And the story revolves around your main character, so if they are solid you can create their world around them, including their history, their likes, their values shaped by the world you have created and how the world shapes them. Also you have a thumbnail (images I assume) of your book idea, does that mean you have your story written out (in words)? Writing out descriptive words about your character might help.

    Anyways I'm far from taking this course, but I definitely will.


  • I haven't taken this one yet, either. I'm still working on the basics, but I will get to it eventually--there are so many classes I'm looking forward to seeing. I've been happy with all the classes I've studied so far!

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