Critique my work please

  • Hey guys, I'm thinking about starting as a freelance illustrator, while still improving my craft but I would like some critique on my work to figure out where I really am and where I need to focus on improving. Thank you in advance and and don't hold back lol.
    ![alt text](

  • Hi!

    It's kind of hard to see the pieces clearly in all the photos because of the lighting situations and image quality. First thing I'll say is to work on the presentation of your work. I know you are just asking us for a quick critique in the forum, but how you present your work really affects how it is perceived. You don't want the viewer to think about anything else other than the art. It's hard to comment on value, color, and composition under these circumstances. When photographing work, it's important to make sure that nothing in the background or frame distracts from the artwork, to crop in on the image, and correct the colors and values. Taking the picture in the best conditions possible decreases the amount of editing you have to do afterwards. Presentation is an important part of craft.

    Even just for yourself, professionally laying out your work in a portfolio will help you see all your work in one place, evaluate it as a whole, and see where you stack up.

    As far as content, you seem to have a lot of different things going on. Your sketchbook and ink work seems the strongest, most cohesive, and most finished. The other stuff doesn't seem as focused or complete. It's important to research and figure out what kinds of freelance work you want to do and fits the art that you do, so you can direct your work to that market. You've got some interesting stuff going on, but none of it is quite finished work.

    It seems like you draw a lot in your sketchbook, and I'd love to see more stuff!

  • I agree with Teju Abiola concerning quality of photographing your work (I struggle with this and yes I studied photography).

    If you intend a muted or lack of colour saturation for the comic style work, it shows but I couldn't necessarily tell if that was the route you wanted to go.

    Lastly, your finished work and your sketch book work, I think would be better organised separately.

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