Comic Book Artist Portfolio

  • Something i’ve been wondering. A lot of the portfolio advice on SVS is geared towards children’s books. @Jake-Parker @Will-Terry @Lee-White any advice on what a portfolio of someone who wants to illustrate comics should look like?

  • @rajsolankiart This is a great question - we might answer this in an upcoming podcast. I'll try to get Jake's eyes on this. We will eventually be releasing a more complete comics class as well.

  • @will-terry Awesome I'd be up for more tutorials on comics and or graphic novel work.chris

  • @will-terry sounds great! Thanks!

  • It probably doesn't hurt to throw a bit of visibility on this since this side of the SVS population is significantly smaller, but graphic novels is where my interest is as well. I went through the class for that last Fall and greatly enjoyed it. I don't particularly know what I'd be looking for in terms of additional classes, if anything, but having it be a bit easier for the graphic novel and comic people to connect on the forums would be nice. I suspect though that some people may come to the forums and feel that SVS is all about children's book illustration. I don't really know what the best solution is though.

  • Comics is a sequential art so you still need to show you are able to:

    • tell a story in images
    • draw the same character and it would still look the same from panel to panel and from page to page.
    • draw characters in different poses, mostly exaggerated
    • draw people of different body types
    • draw different camera angles.
    • handle the text and balloons, handle sound FX, and show moods in color.

    you can still team with others to create comics. let's say you specialize as a penciler, someone else will be the inker, another will do the flats and a 4th will do the colors...

    Some comics are not even in colors, some are in ink only, or ink and ink washes like The Walking I would argue perfecting proportions, anatomy and perspective is a MUST.

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