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  • So this might sound weird , but I wanted to get a little practice in at inking. In this case just dead line inking with a Micron pen. I'm also interested in doing comics and graphic novels so I thought I would go online and find some of those comic panel layout templets. I jammed a few of them together and printed them out , really low opacity, on my some good drawing paper. So I had all these different size panels and I selected a bunch of drawings from my notebook . And drew them , sketching with blue pencil into the panels thinking about composition, rule of thirds , that sort of stuff.
    Basically these were thumb nails, cause their pretty small. Maybe like a first draft in writing. I just grabbed stuff totally random , that's why some are upside down . Then I inked them. Like I said just practice but kind of fun.
    I heard of a game that you can do using "Nancy" comic strips.Go to the library and pick up a book on "Nancy" comics . What you do is you scan and print out all these "Nancy" comic strips then you cut all the panels apart and shuffle them all up. Get a couple of friends together divide the panels up between each player. Then you try to make a story out of it. So I was sort of playing with that idea with my own stuff. I cut the panels part and played with my kids it was really fun coming up with stories. Chris

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    @c-davies woah!... nice work!

  • @nyrryl-cadiz Thanks, It's fun to play with the kids. It makes better sense to use the same size frame, this makes it easier to deal out to each player. Like in this earlier version I did. Theres lots of ways you can play, we just dealt out the cards and someone would put one down and the next person would then have to come up with a story placing another card down and so on. I think I read about this Game in Scott McClouds book on comics.Chris

  • @c-davies these are super cool! 🙂

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