Attempt at cars. Would love some input or draw overs please!

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    I'm still working through the How to Draw Everything class. I watched shapes and cutting shapes again today. I did the exercises and then decided to try drawing a couple of cars. Perspective is especially challenging for me and my brain. I feel like I did pretty good but am ready for some fine tuning because I am pretty sure they need it 🙂 Thanks! Also, I am trying to visualize it without rulers, etc. .....though, as you see, I am still roughing out lines ..kind of.

    I just noticed that the far wheel well on the car on the left is too high compared to the other one. Lots of little things I think.


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    @sarah-luann Thanks. I fixed that.

  • Not bad! I like the car on the left particularly. I think you can help yourself by figuring out the perspective using boxes first. Sort of like drawing the crates that contain the car and then opening the crates to reveal the car.


    It kinda looks like you might have free-handed the perspective (the lines to the vanishing points are straight-ish, but not straight), which is okay, but it takes practice and can create oddities if you aren't careful. It's also very hard to freehand curved surfaces in perspective. For instance in the car on the left, the right headlight is larger and rounder than the one on the left which is technically closer to us.

    If you create the box "crates" for the cars first you would end up with something like this:


    I freehanded these using your drawing so I'm not confident about the location of the vanishing points, but it will do for explanation.

    Of course these are boring boxy cars, but you can now use them as a framework to create your cars from (curves and all) and feel more confident that they won't get too wonky. You can also figure out the mid-point of each plane by making an "X" corner to corner. I used the magenta line to cut the car in half by drawing lines through the center of the X's.

    I also used additional X's to figure out the location of the headlights. To keep them the same size I draw the circle for the headlight on the left and then draw perspective lines towards the right vanishing point and put the 2nd headlight in between those two lines. Again, very mechanical looking, but we are just using these lines as guides for the real drawing. Figure out the tires the same way. Draw the closest tire to you and then extend perspective lines to figure out the size of the rear one.

    Once you draw your car using these crates as guides, you can then erase the guides (or delete that layer if working digitally) and your cool car will remain and will feel more correct.

    But style-wise, I like your car a lot! And if your drawing style in general would look too rigid with proper perspective then freehand away! Sometimes perspective can kill the feel of certain styles. At least mechanical perspectives.

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    @jittles Thank you! I actually did start with boxes 🙂 I also have tried to do the wheels with boxes, etc. but, I didn't do the WHOLE car that way. I am trying to follow the How to Draw Everything assignments which includes all the stuff you just told me but you gave me more pointers too which helps a lot. I erased the car on the right . My son said it had a different horizon line than the other car. I worked on the left one a little and feel pretty happy with it now. I figured out that the far wheel well was way too big and I think the wheels look better. I'll repost my corrections later. I will start with a fresh car tomorrow and see if I can do better with all the boxes, etc.

    I was talking to an 87 year old painter yesterday about my trying to get the hang of perspective and she said, "some people can do it and some can't. I don't bother with it." Ha! She does beautiful paintings (or did when she was younger). She had perspective in them of course, but just not the technical kind. I still want to learn it and hope that I can learn to see the perspective in things more easily. So much to learn! 🙂 It will keep my brain healthy as I try and figure these things out. Thanks again!

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Ha! That's funny what your painter friend said. Love it. I tend to think anybody can do it, I just think it gets in the way of some people's creative flow. But, I think as long as there's a solid understanding of the basics and your style is not dependent on correct perspective then you can make it work just fine. The old "you have to know the rules before you can break the rules" kind of thing. Sometimes intentionally breaking or distorting "the rules" leads to more interesting results.

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    @jittles I think I just need to do ti a million times with a ruler and then maybe I can do better with the rest 🙂 As you said, learn the rules and then break them-that's what cerativity is all about!

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    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen @Jittles

    Here's my left car after a little more tweaking.


  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen you're not far off. I hope you don't mind that I took another stab at it. Take a look at this. I've highlighted your headlight shapes and hood contours. Sometimes you can stare at something for hours and not see it. Happens to me all the time.


    I think you reduced the right front wheel well too much and the rear tire is not resting on the same plane as the front tire. I also adjusted the position of the front bumper. There was too much bumper on left and not enough on the right.

    One other thing I noticed is that back line of the car creates a tangent with the rear wheel well where they sort of merge into one uninteresting contour line. You could either lengthen the car the slightly (as I did) and add a back bumper or shorten it a smidge. Shortening it actually might be better as it would allow the wheel well to jut out a little at the back of the car giving it a more interesting back end.

    Everything else seemed to be aligning pretty well especially given the style. So great job!

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    @jittles Thanks 🙂 I'm going to use the ruler next. I might attempt a parking lot full of cars as it is something I will eventually have to do for one of my book projects! AAGGGGHHHH!!!!! One car at a time though, right?

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    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen @Jittles BTW, I just went to your website and I am so impressed by your explanation of what to expect with an illustration job! Everything is all laid out. Nice work!

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