C&C needed please

  • I came across the art of Aliza Razell the other day and loved that joining of real life photo and obvious art. Inspired, I did this using a photo from a trip to Ireland a couple of years ago.
    Does she look pasted there? I could use some help to further this piece along..is this even worth more of my time. Should I ditch it and start at the sketch again. Does she need more color?..I kind of like the limited somewhat complementary color scheme, but maybe it's just too washed out. I want her to look like a dreamy dreamer enjoying her trip, not a spirit ascending. lol That's getting tricky. Its all in where the viewer is coming from I suppose. Anyway..any help would be much much appreciated. Thank you!


  • Hi Deborah! You've created a really cool mood with this piece. As far as mixing photos with illustration, I've seen it done before and I like the results. It's interesting to see two very different representations juxtaposed together. In this specific case, I personally would either paint the back ground, making the piece more unified, or use the photo without the stylized filter- just editing for color/contrast, etc, if needed, to make the contrast even greater. To me, the filter looks a little generic and it doesn't quite give the unity a fully painted piece would have and it doesn't quite give the contrast a mixed illustration/photograph piece would have.

    In terms of composition, I think you could convey the height she's at a little better. One way to do this might be to place her a little higher in relation to the horizon line.


    Anyway, those are my humble thoughts. Overall, it conveys a really lovely feeling, and I think you've successfully accomplished the idea that she's dreaming, as opposed to a spirit ascending! Good work.

  • @TessaW Hi Tessa..you're wonderful to do the work over to show me. I like it, as well as the added wispiness..it heightens the dreamy mood. Thanks so much!..I'll work on it some more with your advice in mind.

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