Art licensing 101 Course - Questions

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    I know she mentions briefly in (I think) the last video that companies are sometimes OK with hiring artists from other countries, in part because those artists are sometimes ok with just taking a flat fee instead of royalties. Not exactly an answer to your question, though my guess would be that it just depends on the company/AD.

    I believe she also mentions in the last video how those plates that sell for $1 might have a lower royalty rate, however those cheap items often have huge distribution (nationwide, or even including USA Canada and Europe, or International) and that wide distribution turns into a big pay check for the artist, despite the low royalty and cost of the item. Basically, take each contract on a case by case basis--royalties, distribution, length of contract, and all other factors effect what you'll get from each agreement, and what works well in one situation might be a bad idea in another.

    This is just me going off of my memory of the video and obviously I have no personal experience, so watch for yourself and take what I say with a grain of salt. If I remembered anything wrong I'll claim its from lack of sleep 😉

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