Tell me what you think about my monster

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    It has been nearly 2 years since I put myself in drawings by drawing quite in daytime. I always have to draw monsters at which I look now by laughing, i was making this monster that I began like the other monsters that I made, and when i finishing it. I realized that by drawing quite in daytime and by putting a lot I arrived at a monster which I never thought of making at no time I thought drawn like that one day. (I say not that I am a pro far from one 😁) but rather than give it themselves the ways(means) and if we want we can make everything !

    And sorry for my bad english ^^

  • @tommdechevre Hey! I like your monster a lot! He/she (?) is really unique. I like the facial expression--fierce and maybe a little annoyed!? By far my favorite feature is the teeth!

  • @eli he i think, thanks i realy appreciate ! 😉