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  • My brush won't paint AGAIN. --it's stuck on "history brush" and I can't get it to just give me the normal brushes again. does anyone know how to fix this?? I feel like I've tried everything but obviously I haven't or it would be working

  • ok i got it back to the normal brush menu I think but now it only paints gray. Argh. I guess that's progress....

  • I'm afraid I don't know the answer, however when I type your problem into Google a number of people pop up who have had a similar problem. It looks like Adobe has a page about it. Hope that helps.

  • @RHirsch , thanks--yeah it seems like it's a regular thing but I haven't found a solution yet.

  • Rats. Sorry I can't be of more help.

  • Thanks anyway. I appreciate the moral support! Ha! Photoshop wants to defeat me, but I will not let it win!

  • Wait! I think I fixed it ! HOORAY!!!

  • and....nope . Back to painting nothing or only grey. I give up. I've been at this for hours and havent even painted anything. I'm turning it in as is, and it's crappy and not finished. thanks anyway!

  • SVS OG

    Are you hitting hotkeys by mistake? If you don't use hotkeys you may be able to unbind the keys. It could be that your version has a hotkey linked to either your tablet pen or your mouse. I used to open the "help menu" all the time by accident because when I'd turn my tablet pen over to erase the "flip" movement triggered the help menu to open. Here is a link to default hotkeys you can check.
    If this doesn't help try searching youtube for a photoshop tutorial to teach you all the basic settings and where to find them. It could also be that one of your menus is hidden from you. In that case you can try resetting it back to default.

  • @washu Thanks so much! I'll check out those links! I'm kind of doing a crash course just trying to figure out a few simple things and then plan to actually learn it more in depth. I am sure I was hitting a zillion things and making it worse! I appreciate the pointers. 🙂

  • Not exactly sure of what's happening, but a few tips I could give are;

    Go to image - mode and check to see if you are in RGB color mode.
    Make sure you are not painting in mask mode.
    Just press b to give you a normal brush (not sure why you can only select history brush, as someone mentioned make sure it's not tied to a hotkey that you are pressing or that may be on your tablet)

  • Thanks @Gary-Wilkinson ! It's definitely a learning process!! All these little tips are really helpful (and I'm going to go through the Photoshop classes on SVS--I just wanted to use it to clean up a drawing I did for class and not have to re-draw it).

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