Downsizing Art

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    My friend came over this afternoon and photographed all my paintings for me so I can downsize and get ready for Fifth Wheel living sometime this year. My husband just put his resignation in for June 29th and so, it begins!

    It's a new stage of our lives.

    I don't want to just throw all my art away or donate it all to the local thrift store. I have given a few things to family and friends who wanted it and a few I DON'T mind donating to the local thrift store 🙂 Art and family photos and heirlooms are the hardest to pare down for me. Some of it will be scanned and my kids might want the photos. They don't necessarily want my art though.

    I'm not part of any art societies or guilds that have art sales, it's just me. I am donating two to a local Sons of Norway raffle where the money goes to scholarships so I feel good about that. I don't need a lot of money but I just want them to be appreciated a little and not just tossed aside...if you know what I mean.

    Any great ideas? Thanks.

  • I saw my co-worker just do this, and she kept her fav works of art all in one box and has them stored at her son's house while she travels. but the rest of it she gave away or trashed/donated. It's hard, I'm going thru my old sketchbooks and putting them in order in binders. it's really difficult to throw away the leftovers, but I know that I'll make more art and really these were just the stepping stones I had to get me to where I am.

    Best of luck in your new chapter!

  • SVS OG

    @ameliapendraws Thanks, Amelia. It will be freeing in a way. Thanks for your response 🙂

  • I like Amelias suggestion!
    Maybe your children think they don't want anything now, but they may wish they'd said yes some day in the future.
    Fifth wheel living! Wow..that sounds so brave and adventurous. I hope you document with your art and let us follow along! 🙂

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    @djlambson I hope to do just that. My husband is setting up a BLOG and I hope to add some illustrations of what our lives are like as well as what we see. It's pretty exciting to think about! It should give me lots of fodder for new ideas too.

  • How about your local library or local cafes? There always seems to be a call for new art at these places. The library especially might appreciate a donation c:

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    So, my church's women's group is having a dinner and we are having a treasure swap...heh,heh. I can bring up to six items...what do you think I will bring 🙂

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    @gdbee Never really thought of that. Thanks!

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