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  • Over the last couple years there have been some really great resources and conversations on the forum. I find myself remembering seeing a thread and then spending a bunch of time trying to find it to get to some info...for instance there is a podcast thread for kidlit and art related stuff that I'm always looking up and a thread on artists that inspire people that I look up when I need some inspiration...and there are videos and links to info that other members have made or mentioned that are very useful. Was wondering if you could make a pinned resources page where some of that stuff can be found quickly?

  • I was thinking about this myself, wanting to "pin" another thread so I finally just bookmarked it in my browser. I'm assuming that will take me to that thread in real time not as it was when I bookmarked it but we'll see.

  • @evilrobot @ demotlj I agree that it would be great to have sticky resource pages. I also do browser bookmarking, but you can do an in-system bookmarking too by using the "..." at the bottom right of a post where reply/quote/upvote/downvote are. After you bookmark, you can find all the posts you bookmark in the "..." on the right side of the masthead of your profile page. That will take you to a listing of your bookmarked posts. Here are some screengrabs to show you:

    0_1517427381142_Screenshot 2018-01-31 13.26.50.png 0_1517427390977_Screenshot 2018-01-31 13.31.57.png 0_1517427401382_Screenshot 2018-01-31 13.32.42.png

  • @QuietYell Thanks for sharing about the bookmark feature, that's a pretty nifty feature!

    @evilrobot That's a great idea, lemme see if there's a way to do that on the forum 😀

    What categories are y'all most interested in? Podcasts and videos were mentioned, anything else?

  • @lisa-f I bookmarked the "Discovering New Artists" thread where people had posted images and sites of great illustrators they had discovered and wanted to share

  • @lisa-f Tips on hardware and software, contacts (editors, art directors), kid lit and illustration contests, tips on traditional materials, downloads and plug ins for illustration software, not sure how you'd decide the criteria for what everyone wants to see but these are just some that came to mind.

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