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    I would like to learn how to do line work in the style of someone like Peggy Fortnum, Paddington Bear illustrator. I'm thinking of a broken, light line, not always black, not always enclosing the whole figure, but something that adds light detail and some definition to an otherwise painted or watercolor washed illustration. Do any of the SVS videos address that style? I know Jake Parker does some stuff on line but what I saw was mostly inking line that would be more comic book style.

    Maybe I don't know enough about what I'm talking about to even ask the question properly but if you've seen anything on an SVS video that you think would address the subject, I'd appreciate the reference.

  • Do some mastercopy work 😃

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    The "How to Ink" class early on goes over some exercises on how to control what sort of line you want to make. A very light broken line would involve skipping your pen over some spots while keeping your hand on the path you are trying to draw. Borrow some Paddington samples and practice over them to build some muscle memory!

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    @carriecopa Thanks. I hadn't watched this one and it sounds like what I was looking for.

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